Breaking: EASA Declares The 737 MAX Is Safe To Return


The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has confirmed that the Boeing 737 MAX is safe to return to service in Europe. The aircraft has now been grounded for almost two years following two fatal accidents of the type occurring in similar circumstances.

EASA has recertified the Boeing 737 MAX after almost two years. Photo: Vincenzo Pace –

EASA has given the Boeing 737 MAX the green light to return to European Skies after almost two years on the ground. The agency revealed that the aircraft had met the four conditions for a return to service that it had laid down. Additionally, it pointed out that its decision was made independently of both Boeing and the FAA.

Four tests met

EASA had laid down four conditions that it said must be met before it would recertify the Boeing 737 MAX to fly in European skies. These were,

  • The two Boeing 737 MAX crashes were deemed sufficiently understood.
  • Design changes made by Boeing has been approved by EASA and their embodiment mandated.
  • An independent design review had been completed by EASA.
  • Boeing 737 MAX crews were adequately trained.

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