CAE forecasts pilot demand returning by end of 2021


Training company CAE is forecasting a need for 27,000 new professional pilots by the end of next year, 2021. In addition, the Canadian firm’s just-released 2020-2029 Pilot Demand Outlook says more than 260,000 new pilots will be needed worldwide over the next 10 years.

While CAE’s forecast acknowledges that demand for pilots has decreased significantly during 2020, it expects the active pilot population to return to 2019 levels in 2022.

According to the 2020-2029 CAE Pilot Demand Outlook, retirement and attrition are expected to continue to be a challenge for the civil aviation industry as air travel recovers progressively.

“This is expected to drive an acute demand for pilots, resulting in an estimated short-term need for approximately 27,000 new professional pilots starting in late 2021,” says the report.

Age-based retirement and fleet growth were, and are expected to remain, the main drivers of pilot demand.

CAE pilot outlook 2020

CAE’s latest pilot forecast sees the pilot population returning

Nick Leontidis, CAE Group President, Civil Aviation Training Solutions, said, “With the 2020-2029 CAE Pilot Demand Outlook, we hope to arm the industry with the insights that will help the global aviation community understand, rethink, and learn about how to continue to build and grow the supply of highly qualified pilots as the industry emerges from the downturn.

“Disruptive events are opportunities to innovate and collaborate. With airlines, operators, authorities, and aircraft manufacturers, CAE will continue to shape the future of pilot training to ensure the highest level of safety and security of air travel.”

CAE’s outlook also includes ideas on how to leverage digital technology and analytical insights to enhance pilot training.

The 2020-2029 CAE Pilot Demand Outlook is available for free download here.

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